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Relocating to/within New York?

            At Avery New York we understand all the details involved in making your move smooth and stress-free.  We have all been though it.  Our listening skills allow us to hear your particular needs and concerns.  Using our vast knowledge of the New York real estate market and the inner ticking of the city, we translate them into reality for you.  We find you the perfect property, whether it be a permanent home or a rental, guide you through the entire process (from your first bid through coaching you for your board interview or the property inspection), and assist you until you are completely settled in your new home and neighborhood.  In fact, we are happy to continue to be in touch. We encourage you to feel free to call us with any questions that might arise -- from the best watch-repair shop to finding college counselors....right down to the best pet shop for Aldo!  We pride ourselves on always being available to our customers.

Relocating from New York City?

‚Äč            At Avery New York we know that even with the happiest of moves it can feel stressful and unsettling.  Making your transition easy as possible is our goal.  From start to finish we will attend to all the necessary details to guarantee that your transition will be as smooth as possible.  Beginning with referring you to a trusted agent in the area you;ll next call home, to selling your present one, you can depend upon us.

          We are uniquely qualified to market and sell your property.  From start to finish, we will attend to all the details necessary to guarantee your move will be as smooth as possible.  We will work around your time tables.  We'll prepare your home for sale, from sending in a cleaning crew to staging it so staging it so it shines at its best.  And we'll use our marketing expertise to find you the ideal buyer while etching you the best price in the shortest amount of time.  Until the keys are turned over to the new owner at the closing we will do everything possible to endure your sale will be worry-free.

                                            Regardless of the direction you're moving in,

                       at Avery New York we pledge our integrity, expertise and commitment

                                                           to help you meet your goals.  

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Highly individualized attention to help you sell, rent, or purchase a condo, co-op, townhouse of house.


Relocating?    We'll make your move stress-free.


        For sellers, we'll find you the ideal buyer.

              For buyers, we'll find you the perfect property.