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Unprecedented Steps to Protect Sellers, Buyers and Agents

 As New York City entered stage 2, New York State mandated rules for real estate agencies to follow, as well as additional ones suggested by the Real Estate Board of New York.  All are aimed at preserving the safety of agents, sellers and buyers.    To ensure the safety of agents, sellers and buyers in addition to wearing masks and shoe coverings when entering a property, only the showing agent/broker may touch surfaces, turn on lights, open doors including closets and cabinets, windows, etc.   Also, sanitizers and post-cleanings are required.  Meeting customers is to take place outside the buildings and  no more than  3  people may view properties at one time. Pre-screening properties via the internet is advised.

In addition to the individual building's forms, customers are asked to sign limited liability and health forms prior to appointments.

Highly Individualized attention to help you buy, rent or sell a coop, condo, condop, townhouse or house.

And last but not least:


This wonderful, innovative at the time but still great for a keeping you in good shape, is Richard Simmon's series.  Designed so anyone can do in the comfort of their home, it's  found on YouTube.  Each of the low-impact series will ensure that you use your muscles and work-up a sweat, so your body will continue to be young at heart.


The largest studio chain in the US, it has made it's collection of online classes for free during this unprecedented time.  Available at CorePower Yoga On Demand, new classes are posted online weekly, including meditation sessions to clear your head.

For those who are not particularly familiar with Brooklyn, Gowanus is literally the last underdeveloped section of our neighboring borough.

Located about a 15 minute drive from downtown Manhattan, it has long been known for the water's pollution and the spread-out industrial buildings: It's Brooklyn's " the last frontier".  Connected to the rest of the borough by two small bridges, the waterway has mostly barges.  As the area around has been built up residents and developers alike are pushing the city to rezone the area and clean up the water so it becomes habitable.  They are well underway to making their efforts into a reality.

HOW TO STAY FIT in your home​​


In a hurry to get yourself in shape?  Try AK! Rope, AK! Dandce and AK! Body.  Available on her website is her Rope Toning Workout, and in a stream is Amanda's Dance Cardio Workout video.  While at home, you can try her signature high energy work-outs.


On instagram, it offers free, 20-minute versions of Barry's Boot-camp's signature cardio and strength-training classes.  Posting 3 workouts a day, they are announced a day before so you can plan ahead on Instagram Stories under @barrys handle as well as on their won website.



Run by Megan Roup, this "society" includes simplified dance cardio moves that folks at any level can feel successful in implementing.  Relying on your own weight and light weight resistance, it involves 2-3 lb hand weights, resistance bands, sliders and ankle weights to create a long, lean, strong body.  The motto: Dance, sculpt, sweat, repeat


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In these unwelcome times of social distancing staying fit is paramount.  The internet is full of exercise programs to help you attain your fitness goals.  And the following companies are another way to go.


Get ready to rumble with free boxing-inspired fitness classes on Rumble's Instagram page.  Daily lessons.  Turn on post notifications for @doyourumble to receive an alert when the classes are about to go live, as the trainers and times change daily.


Like to dance?  This is the channel to watch on YouTube daily at 6 p.m..  The list of free digital cardio routines and movement classes are updated here.

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